Copywriters Who Think vs. Copywriters Who Write

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I promise I’m not talking about the same people here!

To help give a little context, let’s clarify what separates these two types of writers.

We know copywriting is the art of persuading our readers into taking a form of action; what we don’t often hear about is the process of how they do just that.

This is the junction at which writers arrive and have to decide the path they’ll venture.

A writer more concerned with cashing a paycheck will aim to complete the project as quickly as possible with minimal effort. They’re transactional and not great for your business.

On the other hand, is writers who are passionate about doing a great job for you and hope to develop a long-term relationship. These writers are growth-minded and absolutely positive for your business.

If I were to say, write copy for a tech company’s web page, there are general steps to follow as we go.

The better the brief, the better the copy

The creative brief is basically responsible for how effective the entire project will be.

The brief lets writers discover more than just who they are, what they do and what they’re offering. It’s about defining your USP (unique selling proposition) and what sets you apart from competitors.

From here, we can build a picture of a buyer persona – this is a fictional character who represents your perfect customer.

Gear up for plenty of research

What separates a strategic copywriter like myself, versus another writer who wants to just bang a project out asap, is the depth of research undertaken.

Once we have a clear and detailed brief including the USP and a buyer persona; we can start digging into the nitty gritty of what makes customers (in your chosen niche) tick.

Effective copy spends less time writing and more time learning how to speak to a brand’s customers.

I won’t divulge all the various ways research can be accomplished but let’s say research accounts for somewhere around 60-70% of copywriting.

This is the real difference between writers who just write and writers who think.

Sure but is one wayyy cheaper than the other?

Not really.

All copywriters will price a project based on how long they think it will take them.

It’s fair to assume that a get-it-done writer might take less time therefore will charge less but here’s the thing:

If the quality of the writing is crap and fails to achieve your business’s goals or generate revenue – has it actually cost you any less?

Whereas the writer that poured themselves into the project and nailed the brief will naturally see more conversions and growth. Making back what you’ve spent tenfold.

Don’t cheat yourself

If you’re thinking about hiring a writer just consider this: what would you expect from your own employee? And if you’re a solo act, what would you expect from yourself?

The answer should speak for itself!

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