Hi, I’m Marco. The Word Octopus.

I help brands to connect with their audience and boost conversions.

Creative. Original. Powerful.

Full disclosure, I’m not an octopus.

I may not have eight arms but I do have 10+ years of experience in helping customers find the right product for their needs. Some call it sales, I call it… sales actually, there’s not really another way of saying it.

Copywriting is essentially the art of selling with words which means I’m well ahead of the curve and able to deliver results with precision.

Why do you need this?

Well, maybe you don’t. However, if you do a quick Google search on consumer buying and marketing trends you’ll promptly find a host of mind-blowing statistics that all point to a simple truth.

Branding is everything.

It is directly responsible for how a customer perceives, interacts with and speaks about your business.

One piece of the puzzle is design (imagery that reflects your brand) and the other is copy. The actual words people read that tells them who you are, why they should care and whether they want a piece of the action.

That’s where I step in. I encourage action.

Have a scroll to find out more and if it makes a little bit of sense, get in touch for a friendly chat about conquering the world. Metaphorically of course.

I write for this sort of stuff…

Print Copy

  • Newspaper/ Magazine Ads
  • Brochures/ Postcards
  • Sales Letters

Digital Copy

  • Email (Nurture, Sequence or Funnel)
  • Website Copy (Homepages, About Us etc)
  • Social Media Posts
  • Writing For Online Courses


  • Emails
  • Website Copy
  • Coaching Scripts
  • Writing For Online Courses
  • Tone Guide / Persona Guide

Help me, help you…

As the business owner and wearer of many hats, you write stuff yourself.

And you wouldn’t be alone either. But imagine all of the other things you could achieve without having to worry about writing. Don’t settle for “this will do” or “I just need to get something up”. You’re only hurting your own pocket with subpar copywriting that potential customers will see.

You detest writing. Like hate it. Since forever.

So why do this to yourself?! My job is to take what is in your brain (not literally, that’s frowned upon) and turn it into actionable, irresistible copy that reflects brand values and company goals.

Business is thriving, do I need this?

The ceiling is only as high as you allow yourself to grow. Can you be 100% confident that you have explored every avenue for increasing revenue and if so, are they being utilised effectively?

Are copywriters expensive?

No. What’s expensive is pouring money into marketing tools that might get you noticed but aren’t doing their job in converting customers once you grab their attention. People want to fall in love with a brand, like it’s been made just for them. Great copy does this and more!

The Process

FREE 30min Discovery Call

  1. Share your story with me. It’s the details that count and I want to know as much as possible in our initial contact. Together, we’ll define your business objectives, talk about target audience and how best to reach them.

Project Proposal

2. If you decide that you’d like to work with me, you’ll get a detailed project summary within 48 hours to ensure your expectations are met. Here we set out price and timeline.

Creative Brief

3. Whether it’s over Zoom or by phone, we’ll confirm the details so that we both know exactly what you’ll get out of the project.

Concepting and Writing

4. After the deliverables have been decided I can get to work creating the copy. Depending on your business this would be the stage at which you might bring in a graphic designer, to collaborate (if required). Or I can recommend one in my network.

Edits and Reviews

5. We refine the formula until you are 110% satisfied with the services provided. The first two edits are free and anything further is charged on an individual basis.

Hand In and Invoice

6. You’re blown away by the new copy and at the fact that an octopus has done it for you. I’ll ping over the invoice and payment options.

Keep In Touch

7. There’s no limit to the growth of a business, should you need anything in the future you know I’ve got your back.

Here’s what my clients think

I chose this career because I want to make a difference, let me make one for you.