Hi, I’m Marco Biondi. The Word Octopus.

I write powerful copy that attracts and connects audiences to businesses.

Authentic. Compelling. Purposeful.

Full disclosure, I’m not an octopus.

I may not have eight arms but I have spent over a decade in the sales industry, connecting with consumers, and finding the right solution to their problems.

As a copywriter, each project requires a tailor made solution to the individual problem in question.

Whether it’s spreading awareness about an upcoming launch or telling existing customers about an exciting new hot off the press; I’m able to craft tantalising, addictive and actionable words that allow you to maximise these opportunities.

It’s nothing a short phone call can’t solve.

Typical Copywriting Projects Might Be…

Print Copy

  • Newspaper/ Magazine Ads
  • Brochures/ Postcards
  • Sales Letters

Digital Copy

  • Email
  • Website Copy
  • Social Media


  • Nurture Emails
  • Website Pages
  • Coaching Scripts
  • Tone Guide / Persona Guide

Some Copywriting Truths

But this is something I do myself.

And you wouldn’t be alone either. But imagine all of the other things you could achieve without having to worry about writing. Don’t settle for “this will do” or “I just need to put something up”. You’re missing out on conversions with crappy copy.

I hate writing. Really. Like hate it.

I get it. It’s not for everyone. Sure if we absolutely had to, we could all come up with something passable but why put yourself through hours of painstaking procrastination and dead ends when a pro will conjure up magic in a fraction of the time?! Do more of what you love instead.

Business is thriving, do I need this?

It’s my job to convince you that the answer here is yes. Honestly though, you may not need much improvement, if any. The existing copy may just be perfect for your audience and is delivering results. However, it won’t cost you anything to have a quick 30-min consultation to see if there is room for improvement, so why not?

I hear copywriters are expensive?

Actually, like most things you can probably find a keyboard warrior lurking in a basement somewhere for five pounds per hour. Will the work be any good? I seriously doubt it. Like any trade designed to increase long-term revenue, hiring a copywriter is an investment; you won’t need to remortgage though, so you can wipe that anxious look from your face. Tell me your needs and I’ll tell you how I can help. If it doesn’t fit, I’ll be mildly upset but we’ll move forward and hopefully reconnect in the future.

Why Is Having Great Copy So Important?

Building A Connection

People buy people. It’s an age-old saying but it’s true. When you speak to your audience on a level, in their language, you’ll build trust, loyalty and repeat customers . We’re all looking to connect with brands and businesses that feel like they were made just for us. Lucky for you, that’s how I make your customers feel too.

Successful companies thrive when all aspects of their business are consistent and cohesive. From screens to storefronts, it’s got to make sense.

It’s not about picking flaws, it’s about looking at ways we can align your brand and communicate a message that resonates with your target audience.

The social media might be on-point, with pretty imagery, a nice grid layout and consistent messaging that really embodies the brand but then when a customer clicks through to the website, or they open an email from the same business:

Scrappy, disjointed or impersonal.

I see this countless times and it breaks my heart (all 3 of them!). Clearly a ton of effort has been put into one area but it falls flat in others.

Stop moving it off your to-do-list and sort it!

Seriously though, it’s tough trying to balance all of these things single-handedly which is why copywriters exist. Delegate the time-consuming stuff elsewhere.

The Process

FREE 30min Discovery Call

  1. Share your story with me. It’s the details that count and I want to know as much as possible in our initial contact. Together, we’ll define your business objectives, talk about target audience and how best to reach them.

Project Proposal

2. If you decide that you’d like to work with me, you’ll get a detailed project summary within 48 hours to ensure your expectations are met. Here we set out price and timeline.

Creative Brief

3. Whether it’s over Zoom or by phone, we’ll confirm the details so that we both know exactly what you’ll get out of the project.

Concepting and Writing

4. After the deliverables have been decided I can get to work creating the copy. Depending on your business this would be the stage at which you might bring in a graphic designer, to collaborate (if required). Or I can recommend one in my network.

Edits and Reviews

5. We refine the formula until you are 110% satisfied with the services provided. The first two edits are free and anything further is charged on an individual basis.

Hand In and Invoice

6. You’re blown away by the new copy and at the fact that an octopus has done it for you. I’ll ping over the invoice and payment options.

Keep In Touch

7. There’s no limit to the growth of a business, should you need anything in the future you know I’ve got your back.

Here’s what my clients think

I chose this career because I want to make a difference, let me make one for you.