SEO-Blogs, Ads, Email, Scripts (NDA)

This company are innovative drivers of digital transformation for individual learners and corporate training, in the EdTech industry. I was contacted to help develop and refine their blog strategy.

The core areas of focus have been:

  • Digital Marketing
  • AI-powered applications such as ChatGPT, Midjourney 
  • Web 3.0, Blockchain, Crypto
  • UX Design
  • Data Analytics
  • Product/Project Management
  • Leadership

Over 18 months later, and 130+ blogs and counting – the results have been phenomenal. 

Millions of impressions, hundreds-of-thousands of clicks and massive growth for sign-ups and lead gen.Several blogs are ranking on Page 1 of Google, alongside the largest names in the ultra-competitive digital marketing industry. In that time, I’ve also worked on hundreds of Google Ads, several email sequences and YouTube video scripts.

Trafalgar House Dental Practice

Website copywriting, wireframe, SEO keyword research

Private practice owners, Anurag & Leena, had a vision – to make private dental care affordable and accessible to everyone.

Three years of hard work later, the time finally came for a website!

Projects like this are what I enjoy most. Taking a vision and helping to translate it for a wider audience. It’s not easy trusting a copywriter with your prized-posession, but in the right hands, everything works out.


Social Media Ads (Instagram & Facebook)

This beauiful boutique hotel nestled on the sands on St Ives, Cornwall was hiding a fiery gem. Authentically-made Italian pizzas. *Salivates*

I helped craft some tantalising social media ads to boost awareness for these wood-fired wonders, the results? We tripled orders for takeaways. Molto bene!

Clear Path Coaching

Website copywriting, social media, press release, copy editing

Ross is an ambassador for men’s mental health, a deeply important cause close to many of us.

His work in sobriety, mindset coaching and as co-founder of Man Down Cornwall has helped thousands of men explore their personal circumstances and find coping strategies. 

I’ve worked with Ross for a few years, creating and advising on copy and brand messaging for various projects. A great man pursuing a great cause.

Hyspec Ireland

Website copywriting, wireframe, tone of voice

A family-run, all-encompassing cleaning service, from industrial to commercial to specialist.

Hyspec needed to revamp its robust website. I helped fine-tune their brand voice and transform the copy from clinical to aproachable, credible consultants.

Loco Group

Website copywriting 

Loco Group were in the ambitious phase of adding mutliple arms to their services. From web design to video and graphics to learning management systems. I crafted copy to reflect Loco’s kinetic spirit across a diverse range of subsidiary brands.

Adore Beauty

Website copywriting, wireframe, copy editing

Abi was the proud new owner of a local salon. Full of experience, anticipation and passion. She just needed a way to convey her unique beauty ethics and vision to her potential clients. I helped create and edit her website copy, advising on content structure and strategy.

Snap Wireless

Product pages, copy editing

Snap Wireless are an Australia-based gadget company on a mission to detangle our tech lives.

They reached out needing a fresh pair of eyes on their product pages. I conducted page audits and advised on copy strategies to help place more devices in the right hands.

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