Hi, I’m Marco

Here’s a little about me. And a bit about you.

As a full-time father, my sales career couldn’t offer the flexibility I needed at home. Mentally fatigued, stressed, and unfulfilled in my professional life – I decided to make a change!

After almost 15 years in sales, the most unlikeliest of events occurred circa March 2020 – I was SOLD TO BY AN AD!

This disruptive Facebook Ad was for a copywriting academy. A profession I had no knowledge of but hey, I was cooped up due to Covid lockdown measures and thought to myself, this could be the change I was desperately seeking . So why not give it a go.

After completing my training I jumped straight into pitching clients, locally at first. After a few successful projects, my confidence grew.

Skip ahead to today and I’ve written hundreds of pieces of copy, for clients from across the globe – UK, USA, Canada, Netherlands, Singapore and more.

Why I’m right for your business

My most notable achievements, are several client blogs that rank on the 1st page of Google, alongside Neil Patel, HubSpot, Nielson Norman Group and other industry-leaders (with a much larger marketing budget).

More visibility = more traffic = more leads and conversions.

And this is what I can offer you: A passionate, data-driven and hyper-adaptable wordsmith whom understands how to create compelling, SEO-optimised, original copy that gets results.

So, if you’re looking for a copywriter who has a deep knowledge for how, why, and when people take action, then I’m all tentacles.

Okay, what’s this “Word Octopus” about?

Good question. I dub myself The Word Octopus due to an ability to adapt to many different objectives, through copywriting. Whether it’s researching an industry, learning a tool, switching tone of voice, aligning with business objectives, changing deliverables on-the-fly – whatever the occasion, I approach the challenge using a variety of skills and abilities.

*Pictures not compulsary

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