About Me

Confession; I don’t like writing about myself. I think a lot of people share this sentiment, for me it’s just feels weird talking myself up in a paragraph but it looks good on a website, so here we go.

Over the last 12 or so years I’ve helped customers to make decisions on what to purchase, how to purchase and why they should.

I love matching people with a brand or a product that represents them. It’s like seeing someone fall in love every time. It’s awesome.

This matchmaking came via sales of course but not the stigmatic, sleazy kind; I found success through a consultative approach and by treating people as, people not numbers.

When I discovered copywriting, I was blown away that a career like this even existed.

Copywriting lets me combine all of that sales experience with my passion for language and writing.

And now you, the client, get the best of both worlds.

The roots of my life are right in this picture; my beautiful daughter Sofia, my wonderful partner Megan, and myself all having a rather hilarious sea swim at our local beach in Falmouth.