About me (but really about you)

In case you wanted to know.

Confession; I don’t like writing about myself. I think a lot of people share this sentiment, for me it’s just feels weird talking myself up in a paragraph but it looks good on a website, so here we go.

I’ve lived and worked in the South-West (Cornwall) my entire life. Which is no bad thing, the county is absolutely stunning. There’s a vibe and serenity to Cornwall that is unmatched. Inspiration is a stone throw away.

As I mention on the homepage, I’ve spent a respectable 12 or so years in sales. From door-to-door, to retail, to management, and even the stigmatic car sales *gasp*.

Anyone who has spent time in these industries knows this, if nothing else; it’s tough. Dealing with the general public on a daily basis can be challenging. The expectations of today’s consumers is drastically different to where it was say 10-20 years ago. People want more, for less.

It’s not all bad though. Having the opportunity to engage with so many different personas over the years has been deeply insightful and rewarding. Analysing consumer motives, buying habits, their wants and desires, and then being able to match those desires with a tangible product, has been hugely enjoyable and taught me a great deal about the best approaches to a person’s problem.

Treating people, as people, will get you much further than simply seeing them as a statistic or a sale. A one-time deal will never bear the same rewards as a loyal, cared-for customer. That’s in business or otherwise.

So why did I become a copywriter if I’m such a whizkid salesman? Well, whilst I believe I was perfectly competent in sales and for the most part I have always enjoyed it; there’s always been a void that sales could never fill.

Creativity has always occupied a large part of my brain. It’s been subtle little things over the years that never really clicked, maybe a poem I’d written or a 45 page story in my school workbook; an assignment at work or helping a friend. I’ve always possessed an inherent grasp for the english language.

Copywriting has allowed me to take that enthusiasm and apply it to helping businesses connect with audiences and elevate their platform, whether it be fiscally or just by raising awareness.

Copywriting allows me to fuse all of the expertise, knowledge and experience I’ve accumulated through sales, and then combine it with my passion for words. The two are synonymous with one another.

After spending several months studying the craft and applying hundreds of hours of practice, I made the jump to freelance copywriting work. And what a fantastic thing it is. Connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs and businesses in all capacities is truly magical.

I don’t know it all but I do know this.

If you’re reading this as a person that has dreamt big and chased those dreams to fruition, then I get you.

If you know your “thing” is awesome but you’re struggling to connect with the right people, I get you.

If you’re spinning plates and somedays you want to just stop and chuck them at the wall, I get you too.

Thank you if you made it this far. Hopefully this has told you a little about me, I would love to know more about you.

I’ll leave you with this:

I can’t promise you the world, but I can absolutely help share yours.

“Words are the foundation. Actions are the interpretation.”

marco biondi, word octopus – 2020

The roots of my life are right in this picture; my beautiful daughter Sofia, my wonderful partner Megan and myself all having a rather hilarious sea swim at our local beach in Falmouth.

Interested in copywriting?

Here’s my review for the Filthy Rich Writer’s Comprehensive Copywriting Academy.

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A Brief Summary of Copywriting

What exactly is copywriting? Copy is the term used for describing the actual “words” on a page. Simply put, copywriting is the skill of using language to convert audiences or persuade them into taking a form of action. This could be to purchase something, find out more, sign up, register or similar calls to action. The role of copywriter is linked to marketing, advertising and sales; copy is quite literally everywhere.

How I Found My New Life

There are dozens (hundreds overall) of coaches, gurus and experts on the internet all offering training and accreditation in copywriting. So why did I choose this course advertised by Filthy Rich Writer?

Well, it actually found me through a Facebook ad on my phone. Typically, I would ignore a sponsored ad or something that enters my feed as a result of tracking or targeting but to its credit, this ad instantly engaged me with the wording (shock).

After watching a video explaining how one of there members went from zero to 100 in a short space of time, my initial thought was okay, this is one of those quick-rich schemes. I’ll pass.

Luckily, my curiosity go the better of me and I stuck around to watch a couple more videos. One was an introduction to freelance copywriting and how to build your business. Another was why Nicki calls her company Filthy Rich Writer, it’s a polarising name for sure but it caught my attention.

What Does It Offer?

Needless to say, the CCA is absolutely not some false-hope, get rich quick scheme or some self-fulfilling prophecy of how to change your life.

It is however, a comprehensive set of modules designed to introduce, educate and refine the art of copywriting. There is a ton of content with the course and completely self-paced, with Lifetime Access.

We’re talking everything from mindset, overcoming mental resistance and barriers to teaching each type of copy (email, print, social etc) and then action sheets to put this all into practice. The sheer amount of content means that you can feel confident that you’ll be guided through each stage, all the way to actually building a portfolio and then pitching clients.

It’s comprehensive by name and comprehensive by nature.

On top of this, your membership allows access to the private Facebook group, for members of the CCA. I can not overstate this enough; this is by far the most valuable resource and friendliest community I have ever encountered. Rarely (especially online) do you find such a helpful and enthusiastic collective of like-minded people. This is worth the price of admission alone.

Is It For You?

I can’t answer that for you but I can tell you why it was for me. I had become increasingly frustrated with my 9-5 sales job. Don’t get me wrong, this was a great job, decent pay and a great team of people but it just didn’t satisfy my ambition.

I’d always been told I was great with words or had a knack for some of the skills related to marketing and that I should try it, but I never had the confidence or stability to make a career switch. I dreamed of living life on my own terms, setting my own goals, balancing my family life better and contributing to my future, not somebody else’s.

The CCA has given me that way out. It’s a lot of work learning a new skill from scratch and I’m not condoning any illusion that it’s an easy ride because it’s not. Nothing worth fighting for ever is. Like I said, I can’t answer the question of is it right for you, so I’ll ask you this instead:

How much is your future and your idea of happiness worth fighting for?

For more info on the CCA, click here.