Every business absolutely needs a website.

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And here’s why —

Globally it’s expected that 2.14 billion people shop online. That’s up from 1.66 billion just five years ago in 2016.

Statistics reflect huge growth for digital storefronts and whilst having a physical shop is still paramount for certain businesses, the agility that a digital counterpart offers is massive.

The common reason for not having a spangly site is usually down to people feeling like they’re out of their depth or it’s price related.

There’s a wealth of developers and designers out there who can put these fears to rest and the payoff is huge if you make the jump.

Here are a few of the strongest benefits of why you should absolutely have a website and reposition your digital presence:


It looks good.

How good depends on the visual style and how well the website performs (speed, layout, response times) but even the simplest of websites is better than nothing.

It shows professionalism and versus a competitor who doesn’t have one, you’ll come out on top every time.

To make the most of it, don’t cut corners. Bite the bullet by hiring a developer who can really make it shine. It’s worth it in the long run.

Online Traffic

Having a website improves your chances of showing up on a Google search.

This means people can find you more easily and this of course boosts your chances of finding new customers.

There are additional things you can do to improve Google rankings (how high up you appear on a search) such as SEO (search engine optimisation) but I’d advise not getting bogged down on this stuff right away.

Focus on getting a snazzy, responsive and exceptionally worded site first.

Getting Warm Leads

Depending on what you’re selling this is a great benefit for websites.

People come to your site, have a scan, and if you can pique their interest they’ll choose to get in touch.

We call this a warm lead because the customer has contacted you first (as opposed to cold outreach where you pitch strangers, essentially) – they’ll already have a good idea of what it is you do, making the sale that much easier to close.

For appointment-based business models, the same applies to online booking forms.


FAQs are a godsend.

How many times have you answered a phone call with a simple question?

One that probably could have been answered had the customer looked on your website.

“Frequently Asked Questions” sections are fantastic at doing exactly that. People can scan through a list of common queries and have them answered with a click.

This helps them and saves you tons of time on the phone.

Keeping Customers Updated

Rather than running around telling everyone about your new promotion or an upcoming charity event here’s a better idea; stick it on your website!

All of your business’s announcements and updates can be managed in one place and your customers will know exactly where to look for them.

Beyond this, you can offer subscriptions where people sign-up using their email address to receive updates as and when they drop.

Brand Awareness

Spread your message!

Whatever your business offers, it’s going to perform better the more people know about it.

A website allows you to boost brand messages and awareness.

People like me, copywriters, help to hone the message. We know how to entice customers through strategic language and understanding of buying habits.

You can spend days or even weeks researching this stuff but the key takeaway here is that having a website is better than nothing.

Over time certain elements can be improved and sharpened but the important thing is to get started.

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